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Kimberley & Snuffles

Founded by food lover, Kimberley Yeo, who co-founded Don Play Play (, Twice Young is dedicated to sending out luxe palate-pleasing sweet treats for both humans and dogs. Kimberley is extremely particular about the ingredients that go into the food that she eats, and the fresh food that she prepares for her precious pup, Lord Snuffles, so you can be sure that she uses only the best ingredients in her creations. 

Kimberley has always wanted to do something doggo-related since she was a kid. Lord Snuffles is her third Maltese, and he's a true food connoisseur, having spent his childhood in Melbourne feasting on great meats and organic produce. Snuffles loves cold treats and he inspired Kimberley to come up with a unique range of Pawlato which he took a long while to approve. Now, he's a huge fan of the Pawlato and goes absolutely nuts over the Strawberry Manuka Honey Pawlato. 

With this venture, Kimberley hopes to collaborate with local businesses to grow together, and donate more to local dog shelters and global animal conservation projects.

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